2020 Board of Directors

UpdatedSunday June 21, 2020 bySCP.


Nomination meeting will be held on December 4th @ 8:30PM.  
Election meeting will be held on December 13th @ 6:30PM.
Executive Board positions hold 2 year positions and all others are 1 year positions. 
All general members are eligible to vote, be nominated or make nominations.  General Members are defined as anyone over the age of 18, in good standing with the league, have logged a minimum of 10 volunteer hours and have paid their $5.00 general membership fee (this is the fee paid to cover the season badge).  This includes, but is not limited to board members, coaches, team support (for both head and assistants of each position) for the current fiscal year (Jan to Dec).
The board will accept nominees without the nominee present, but they shall acknowledge in writing to a board officer (President, VP, Secretary/Treasurer, Player Agent or Cheer Agent) their acceptance prior to nomination.  All nominees must be present at the time of the elections or their name will be stricken from the ballot. 
All nominees should familiarize themselves with the current Board Position and Board Expectation Policies, prior to elections.