Board of Directors
President: Tia Mahan |    
Vice President: Art Robinson |   
Secretary: Lauren Edwards |
Treasurer: Shannon Clifton |
Football Director: Amin Jordan |
Cheer Director: Jennifer Lavier |

Asst. Football Director: OPEN
Football Equipment Manager:   CJ Hulslander |
Asst. Football Equip Manager: OPEN
Asst. Cheer Director: Ashley Fitzpatrick |
Cheer Equipment Manager: Shay Richards |
Asst. Cheer Equip Manager: Clarissa Greenwood |
Concession Manager: Chris Keesler |
Asst. Concession Manager: Al Rice |
Fundraising Coordinator: OPEN
League Magic Administrator: Tanya Munn |
Sponsorship Coordinator: Tray Streeter |
Team Support Manager: Sherica Jordan |
Community Activities: Tray Streeter |
Public Relations: Shanel Garrett |
Fields & Grounds Manager: Kenneth “Bubba” Ball Jr |

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